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Tomsawyers have hit another

Famous celebrities involved in car accidents With fame comes the responsibility of presenting a good example to fans and followers.However, most celebrities see fame as their free ticket to invincibility wherein they could do anything without being punished for it. There are lots of reasons why celebrities get involved in car accidents and most of them are caused by their own negligence. Morgan freeman the award winning actor had to be airlifted along with his passenger after a rollover accident in 2008 which resulted to the actors multiple injuries.He was sued by his friend for negligence and is claiming for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages for her permanent disability.A settlement was reached a year after the accident. Tiger woods one of the highest paid athletes was involved in a 2009 crash near his house.He was said to have incurred some injuries and was fined for reckless driving. Shia labeouf the actor was charged with misdemeanor dui and later released after a crash that injured his left hand which required surgery.Labeoufs female passenger as well as the driver of the other vehicle were said to be also suffering from injuries. Amanda bynes the young actress was said to Tomsawyers have hit another car with her bmw when she reportedly made an unsafe turn. Nick hogan the young hogan was said to be racing with his friends on their way to a restaurant when he smashed his toyota supra and caused his passenger, a friend who was a us marine at that time, to incur serious head injuries as he was reportedly not wearing his seatbelt during the single-Vehicle crash.Experts predict that hogans passenger will remain in a vegetative state for the rest of his life after the crash. Brandy the r singer recently reached a settlement with the family of the woman that was killed in an accident which happened when the singer failed to notice the slowing down of the vehicles in front of her which spun and hit the center divider before being hit by another vehicle.The lady driver was taken to the hospital but died a day after the accident. Some of these celebrities have been fined, placed under probation, and even did some jail time for the injury or death theyve caused. In other instances, celebrities who are trying to run away from the paparazzi gets involved in accidents as their concentration is diverted away from the road.Other causes of accidents include: Drunk driving younger celebrities are prone to commit dui violations as they feel invulnerable to accidents caused by alcohol in their system. Speeding either to get away from the paparazzi or to get to their destinations at a much faster pace, or even because they drive fancy sports cars, a lot of celebrities have been caught exceeding the speed limits imposed in each area. Inattention to road when they are driving, they must have their concentration on the road to avoid any accidents.Common examples are texting or talking Tomsawyers online mens cool black jackets down vest on the cellular phone while driving. Victims of these accidents caused by celebritys negligence are encouraged to locate personal injury lawyers whose expertise includes recovering damages from car accidents.

Por whc018 - 22 de Octubre, 2013, 4:35, Categoría: General
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