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David shepherd the wildlife painter David shepherd has dedicated his entire life towards preservation of the wildlife specially the endangered species of the earth.The wildlife painter emphasizes on the need to take care of the fragile world which is fraught with several dangers.The amazing beautiful world will soon be lost if steps are not taken for conservation. Drawing inspiration from the paintings of the renowned artist, a number of countries have conducted meetings to address the problem of climatic changes and depletion of natural resources.According to him, it is essential that people learn to start exercising control over their senses of greed and power.The paintings speak about the urgent need to bring about a harmonizing balance in nature and preserve it from the impending doom.The world wide fame he attained for his famous paintings has earned him a celebrity status.He has made many public appearances in his quest to save the wildlife which are on the verge of extinction.He has financed a charity to help save some of the world's rarer animals and provide protection for tigers and rhinos that are hunted for all manner of bizarre medicines. Some of the famous paintings: The career of david shepherd started after the 'wise old elephant' was published.Some of the finest work of david includes 'tiger in the sun', 'elephant heaven' and 'tiger fire'.The work by david shepherd has become so well known that across the globe his signed prints and originals are very collectable.A limited edition of small dormouse print is now worth original paintings and the older signed limited edition prints by david shepherd have escalared in value. Many people enjoy the paintings for the wonderful atmosphere and the character he portrays.However, if the historical records are referred to, the conservation works of david through his paintings have been the most successful compared to any of his contemporaries.Signed limited edition prints, particularly the older titles, are highly sought after anf of great value.Many artists have tried to copy david's work, but the mere fact that is a copy leaves the work as a poor second best.They have usually ended up doing a poor imitation job. David's present contribution: David shepherd still continues to work for the cause of wildlife conservation.He is extremely hopeful that with positive zeal, hard work and support from the fellow members of the society he can protect the life of the endangered species.Next year 2011 will david's 80th birthday.In the event he raised more than thousand which provided funds for many conservation projects.He is often the speaker at fund raising dinners, and has a charming and captivating manner.The naturalist, who is also a conservationist and a painter, has dedicated his life for the wildlife.He has even engaged his daughters in the conservationist tasks in an attempt to save the endangered species.It is no doubt a very challenging quest and he continues to fight for the noble cause even today.

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