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24 de Mayo, 2013

Wonster on sale

what kind of man rapes a 5

because of these rigid stereotype s Wonster of women, rapists are less empathic than non-aggressive males and tend to overlook victim signs of terror or resistance

rapists often use only as much force as is necessary; they tend to use verbal threats or pin down their victims with their arms to terrify them into submission

although the stereotype is that men who abuse women hate their mothers, they often have unresolved anger and disappointment about their fathers that feeds their macho need to be powerful and conquer females; this belief systems is held by fraternities and delinquent gangs where sexual conquest receives positive reactions from the group, and is the measure by which men view themselves and others

the vast majority of sexual offenses (80%) are committed by someone known to the victim and go unreported

the rapes are premeditated and Beats  the rapist manipulates their victims into positions of vulnerability; they may use substances to disable their victims; for adult women that is often alcohol or date rape drugs; it's not known what talk or substances Shaniya's attacker may have used, although she was asphyxiated

if one rape is identified, there are usually more that occurred in the past: in one sample of 122 undetected rapists (and Mario McNeil may not have been detected save for the surveillance camera), they admitted to 386 rapes, 20 other acts of sexual assaults, and 264 acts of battery against their partners, including 365 acts of sexual abuse against children and 91 acts of physical abuse against children

Beautiful and innocent Shaniya didn't have a real chance in this life. Her father lives in another state. I cannot get the surveillance video out of my mind, those were the last hours of Shaniya's young life and the monster that did this to that baby is not only the pervert holding her in the video, but is also the monster of a drug addicted mother who let her craving for drugs supercede any maternal instinct Monster Studio Beats  she had. The question here, should be , who is the worst offender. Is it the drug addict mom who sold her baby to feed her addiction or the pervert who carried out the horrific crime. Both should be held accountable for that baby's murder.

I will continue to grieve for Shaniya. I have from the moment I saw her beautiful little face. As a Mother, I am the one who protects children, not just mine, all children. Each one of us have a responsibility to protect those who can't protect themselves. For the man who did this, release him in the general population.

It is difficult to understand why someone would commit such a vile and horrific crime. However, I am prone to believe that trying to understand the motivations for such evil is futile.

Many men grow up in abusive homes and grow up to become caring and gentle individuals,who would never think of harming another.

Human beings are given a choice - and this is something that is difficult for honest, law abiding people to come to terms with - salesbeatsbydre Some people choose to commit evil

As the saying goes, "The honest man believes everyone to be honest, while the thief thinks everyone is a thief.'

Those of us who choose to live a life where we cannot imagine harming another human being, let alone a small child, have diffic   Monster Dre Beats ulty understanding the actions of a monster like this. We speculate that he must have been like us at some time and suffered something terrible to make him the way he is.

The truth is that people like this choose to be evil,and until we admit this, we will continue to live in d

We can not express the sadness all of us feel for her and other children in this situation, it grieves me. I am a mother and grandmother. We all know of other cases like this, but it was the "PHOTO", of him with her that did it for us all. I am a Pastor as well and work a mission in the city I reside in, they are many Shaniya's. Boys included. Her mother knows no love and the man who took her and harmed her shows no fear. Life for them has changed as they have never known it. Pray. For them and more over help future victims. I know something about this subject.

Por whc018 - 24 de Mayo, 2013, 5:42, Categoría: General
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