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22 de Mayo, 2013

Monster Beats Solo on sale

what are the advantages and disadvantages of maya heroes

Um, Maya is a character in Monster Beats Solo  the NBC show Heroes.

Here's a synopsis of the character from the Heroes Wiki:

Maya Herrera is a evolved human from Santo Domingo who made her way to New York City to meet Chandra Suresh in hopes that he could help her with her ability. She was originally on the run with her now deceased brother because they were both wanted for murder. Currently she lives with Mohinder awaiting for a way to get rid of her power.

Maya and her brother Alejandro are running for their lives to make their way to New York City so they can find Dr. Suresh. They hire a coyote to take them closer to America, but the two get separated, and every one around Maya dies mysteriously. When Alejandro catches up to his sister, he finds her eyes filled with black tears. Later, the two make it to Guatemala and try to get into Mexico. However, more complications occur, and Maya kills Nidia, their guide into Mexico. Alejandro comes to Maya's side, and makes the black tears disappear. Nidia recovers, and leaves the two to their own fate.

The twins make their way closer to America, but Alejandro is caught breaking into a car. He is arrested, and Maya pleads with the poliBeats By Dre ce to free him. When they do not concede, she uses her ability to set Alejandro free, and an American offers them his car to help get to America. On their way to America, they find a man in the middle of the road. They take him into the car, and find that his name is Gabriel Gray. He tells the twins that he know Dr. Suresh and will take them to him, because he needs his help as well.

After leaving Derek in Mexico, Gabriel, Alejandro and Maya make their way to the American border, but are ambushed by a border patrol. While the Border Patrol harasses the twins and Sylar, Alejandro and Sylar begin to yell at Maya, which upsets her. Her ey Solo HD  es turn black and the men fall down as Sylar holds Alejandro back from using his ability, allowing them to escape. Maya tells her brother she had to do what she did because it was necessary. Alejandro calls her a killer, blaming Sylar. Alejandro then tells Maya that she needs to pick between him and Sylar. She tells him that she needs both of them. In Cook Lake, VA, Sylar tries to get Maya to learn how to control her power. He starts to make Maya angry by telling her how much her brother, Alejandro, hates her because Maya killed Gloria and Alejandro gave up his life for Maya. Even though Maya claims it was an accident, she gets emotional, and begins to cry black tears. However, at Sylar's urging, Maya manages to take control of her ability. After Sylar kills Alejandro, he lets Maya think Alejandro has gone off alone. Maya then leaves to New York with Sylar to find Suresh.

After arriving in New York, Mohinder tells Maya that Sylar is a killer, but she admits that she has killed herself. When Sylar takes Mohinder at gunpoint, Mohinder tells Maya that Sylar is a "monster." Distressed, Maya's ability takes over, which affects Mohinder, Sylar, and Molly. Unwilling to kill the man who could cure her and an innocent g  irl, Maya controls her ability. Sylar forces them all to Mohinder's lab at gunpoint, making Maya and Molly sit down on a bed while Mohinder treats him. Maya tells Molly about her brother Alejandro. When Molly offers to find him, she says that he "isn't anywhere," meaning that he is dead. Enraged, she tries to attack Sylar, only to be shot. To make sure that Mohinder's cure for the Shanti virus works, Sylar has Mohinder use Claire's blood on Maya, successfully reviving her. Elle attacks Sylar, causing him to flee. She shows frustration for not catching him, but Maya, Molly and Mohinder show their gratitude for saving their lives.

Por whc018 - 22 de Mayo, 2013, 5:23, Categoría: General
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