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Metaphor of Jamiroquai song

Totally serious answer: I was alBeats UK Blog ways under the impression that the protagonist was seeking to escape from Godzilla by hiding underground, as this song was from the godzilla soundtrack.

posted by Oktober at 12:13 PM on October 2

Wasn't Deeper Underground written for the late-90s Godzilla remake? I'd assume it was referencing the film, rather than providing an allegorical tale about modern life.

posted by ellF at 12:15 PM on October 2 [1 favorite]

It's about Godzilla, but there's a tradition of dance records talking about being underground, so it's also referencing that. Underground being authentic, secret, out of the mainstream.

posted by empath at 12:29 PM on October 2 [1 favorite]

Nthing it's from the soundtrack of Godzilla.

posted by smoke at 7:12 PM on October 2

The song is from the point of the view of the monster. Jamiroquai's early opuses featured many environmental themes. This song is perhaps a return to these themes. Their first album Emergency on Planet Earth and to some degree Virtual Insanity, yes, it's that video with the moving floors, both reference modern feelings of alienation and anomie (with a party flavor) due to environmental disintegration.

So IMO the song is sympathetic to the monster that has to go "deeper underground" because humanity has created it, in an attempt to mCheap Monster Beats ess with the environment, while it is not the poor monster's fault.

Also Jamiroquai's lead singer Jay Kay was briefly homeless as a teen and was involved in crime and was stabbed almost to death. IMO the song is informed by this. "I know I'm better off standing in the shadows far from humans with guns," may as well be an autobiographical statement.
Deeper Underground, when compared to the larger oeuvre of Jamiroquai, is somewhat filler. It was made for the 1999 Godzilla soundtrack, which I don't believe it's actually on. someone correct me if I'm wrong here. It was thrown out rather ha Monster Dre Beats  phazardly in between albums, as bassist Stuart Zender left the band shortly after Travelling Without Moving and the subsequent Jamiroquai album, Synchronized, was released almost a year late after being recorded completely from scratch-- ultimately to be released on September 11th, 2001.

Por whc018 - 3 de Mayo, 2013, 8:04, Categoría: General
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