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27 de Abril, 2013

promressesau onsale

Is It A Necessity In Today World

It may now be a good idea for couples  t o make a prenuptial agreement before their wedding day, but will it undercut the value of marriage? Prenups look set to become increasingly used in the UK following the well publicised German heiress, Radmacher case. She protected her vast fortune from her ex-husband using her prenup. The case hung on am agreement made by the couple a decade earlier. Even though such agreements are not legally binding in the UK, the court took the agreed document into consideration, leaving the door open for similar cases in future.

People are using a UK prenuptial agreement more than ever before. However with divorce statistics on the rise many people wish to be cautious at to protect their personal assets. The sanctity of marriage is unfortunately something which has suffered in contemporary Britain. Prenups are becoming more common as the figures show that 50% of marriages will end in a divorce.

Although technically speaking a prenup does not legally exist in the UK as a recognised contract, the court of appeal in the above case showed that they are willing to recognise its existence. Whilst a lot of couples to be - think that marriage should not be pre-decided using a prenup agreement, many couples are thinking of the future and what protection the agreement could offer.

A UK prenup is an arrangement that the parties entering into a marriage keep their own personal assets in the event of a divorce. It also has the facility to provide for the future, discussing assets that are gained during the marriage. Interests of any children involved prior to the marriage and those borne out of the marriage are always considered first.

Drawing up a prenup before a promressesau couple are married enables each party to be in a safe financial place before entering into the marriage. It helps prevent sham marriages for money or "gold digging" as it is often known. The prenup should be created mutually and entered into in the right frame of mind. Both person signing should know its proper function.

People must appreciate that no-one en  ters into a marriage knowing what the future holds or expecting that they will get a divorce. Unfortunately however, divorce does happen and those opposing prenups of moral grounds should appreciate this fact and take note of recent statistics. Rather than undermining the sanctity of marriage, prenups are a tool to protect each parties personal finances for the future and hopefully the agreement will never even be referred to.

Por whc018 - 27 de Abril, 2013, 11:04, Categoría: General
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