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23 de Abril, 2013

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How can I explain to my friend that if my daughter isn welcome

I totally agree with your best friend. It is her day and though she may love your child dearly, she is just not invited. Forget bringing along another person to the Disney Princess Wedding Dresses wedding to watch her because that just makes 2 people that are not invited! If you can not find a sitter that can stay home with your child then you should just decline being in the wedding. Before it is too late of course. I too requested that children not come to my wedding and a cousin brought her son anyways. It was a disaster!! First off I have this child sticking some sort of body part into about a third of all of my wedding pictures. Then at my reception the kid spilled a bottle of green colored bubbles all over my beautiful white (not to mention very expensive) wedding gown. That was right after he threw up about a pounds worth of mostaccoli on my ring bearer. Oh yeah and he sceamed during the entire ceremony. I never forgave her for bringing him to the wedding.

I just lived through this!!!!Prom Dresses Sale My best friend was married in May and I had just had my first child in December. I lived in another town from the wedding site and was very nervous about fulfilling my duties as an attendant and fulfilling my duties as a new, breast-feeding Mommy. My best friend and I had a tearful talk for about an hour and she offered to provide a room at the hotel for a grandparent or sitter to watch my daughter. Then, my husband and I could go check on her and I could nurse her instead of "pump and dumping" all night. Actually, it turned out to be fabulous to have an evening dressed up with my husband. I wish you all the best.

If the invitations say no children under the age of "x", it should be respected, not shunned. I have been to so many weddings that have been ruined by small children crying or running around. Or during the ceremony, a mom has to get up and down numerous times. It is very rude distracting and as a wife and mother, even I found this extremely annoying and disrespectful. The bride and groom are only asking for one special day !! I find it extremely childish when friends say, "If my baby can't go, they won't go." Why? Why should a child be allowed into someone's most cherished day with the possibility that it could be ruined? As a maid of honor, don't you think you could honor your friend just for a couple of hours?

You absolutely have to find a sitter for the occasion. Contrary to many of the responses, I've never been to a wedding where infants and toddlers were invited. (with an exception for the flower girl/ring bearer, which in most cases, the parents try to find a sitter before the reception starts so they can enjoy their evening) Please keep in mind if the bride invites your child, she is obligated to invite everyone's children. Receptions are an adult celebration, not Romper Room. The results would be a disaster. And also keep in mind the bride's budget. Caterers charge per head, and children are not excluded from the price. You must respect the bride's wishes and not cause her anymore stress. If you don't have any possible sitters, ask the bride for the p   Cheap Prom Wedding Dresses  hone numbers of her friend's and famiy who have young one's who are being babysatt and have your child stay with them for the night. If you don't feel comfortable leaving your child with the sitter long, leave the wedding after all the 'wedding party' introductions and such are complete.

Since when do brides have to find/hire babysitters for other peoples children?! My husband and I paid for our own wedding and our budget was so tight some cousins and some friends weren't invited and singles couldn't bring guests. If anyone even suggested to me I pay for a babysitter for their kids I would have pulled them off my list so fast and replaced them w/ guests from the "B" list.

This day is not about you. This day is not about your child. This day is about your bestfriend. Either go to the wedding and let your husband care for his child at home (notice I didn't say babysit. Because he's not a babysitter, he's a father). Or politely decline the invitation as matron of honor. Brides have enough headaches of their own. Don't give her yours and try to make her now responsible for solving it.

Please folks get a grip. Kids and formal events do not mix. For any woman who gets upset with this answer, think about it rationally. THEY will get married one day. If you get offeneded then you are not looking at the situation clearly.

I have a dilemma: my husband and I (along with his entire immediate family) have been invited to my husband's cousin's wedding. We didn't realize it was adults only, and responded that we would be there with our 10 month old. The bride-to-be replied to us that it was a no kids policy since both her family and her fiance's family are large. My husband and I totally respect this decision and don't have a problem with it.

Our issue is with babysitting. All of my husband's immediate family will be at the wedding and my family is out of state. So, what to do? We have never really had a babysitter (except for about 3-4 times an immediate family member watched my daughter for a couple of hours).

The wedding is also out of state, and would require us to be away from my daughter for at least 15 hours. In addition, I am still breastfeeding. We do plan to attend the ceremony with my daughter, but leave afterwards. Is this rude?

We have explained to the bride why we can only attend the ceremony. Now, my husband's aunt (the bride's mom) and my mother-in-law are harassing us almost nightly about why we won't go to the reception and keep offering other people who could babysit for us (none of which have ever kept my daughter). What do you all think - is it ok to attend the ceremony but not the reception? We want to show our support, but I just don't feel comfortable leaving my 10 month old daughter that long with someone who has never kept her before. Help!

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Por whc018 - 23 de Abril, 2013, 10:22, Categoría: General
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