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8 de Abril, 2013

Formal Wedding Dress onsale

g Shower Ideas That Are Practical And Fun
Formal Wedding Dress
A wedding shower is the perfect opportunity for the bride's closest friends to give her a rolicking good time, some thoughtful gifts and help soothe some of those wedding nerves that inevitably grow en route to her big day. However, with all the changes in modern social equations, you've probably noticed that wedding showers aren't limited any more to those reserved tea-and-gifts events that traditionally take place in a girlfriend's living room.

So, if you're in search of something a little out-of-the-ordinary, here are 4 slightly offbeat weddin Wedding Gowns Australia Online g shower ideas that are fun and practical, too - take a peek below!

Remember the fun, freaky, sometimes embarrassing . and maybe even shocking aspects of college dorm life? Can't stop reminiscing about those fresh moments, midnight capers and graduation party hijinks whenever you meet up with your old college friend - the bride or groom? Then why not share a taste of those crazy co-ed times with them and their closest pals by throwing a special 'Jack and Jill' shower party with a collegiate twist?

From screening old video clips to working up some fabulous photo boards filled with the couple's college pics, you can help break the ice with new friends by giving them an entertaining peek into the wedding couple's university years. If you're not afraid to be sneaky, pester the couples' Facebook friends on the down-low for juicy shreds of photographic evidence.

2. Host a Round-the-Clock Bridal Shower.

The goal of this theme is to draw friends and family into the everyday aspect of the bridal couple's new life, by inciting them to think up unique and practical gift-giving solutions with a sense of continuity.

For this shower, guests are called on to dream up practical gifts that the couple will use at different times during their new wedded life together. For example, they'll host dinner parties (think glassware and ornate napkin holders), go on vacation together (think personalized luggage tags and international phone calling cards), or possibly move into a new shared home (how about address change kits or gift certificates for neighborhood services?).

3. Choose a location that's  extra-special to the bridal couple.

Where you host the wedding shower goes a long way in helping the bride feel special - and ensuring she has fun, too! So, pay close attention to the location, whether it be her favorite restaurant, a special friend's home, the bowling alley the couple loves to patronize, or simply the nearest tea room to make it convenient for the bride-to-be and her friends to arrive and linger over the gossip and the presents!

4. Discuss with the bride which guests she'd like invited!

It's good party etiquette - and a great way to avoid strained feelings - to chat with the bride about which guests she'd like included at her shower, so you don't accidentally leave anyone important off the list. Don't forget, however, that as the party host, it's your venue and budget that determines how many people you can comfortably invite. So when you consult with the bride, give her that magic number!

Also, as the host, you'll need to inform the wedding shower guests of crucial details like the shower theme, if any, the dress code and the location, date and time.

Por whc018 - 8 de Abril, 2013, 3:26, Categoría: General
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